A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

Question to Ponder While you Read:  Think about how you would have felt if you were an Irish person at the time when Swift wrote this essay?

Direct Satire example - Dennis Miller's "rant" on American anger. As Americans, are we seething with anger? And if so, why?

Video Credit to the Dennis Miller Show

The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien is a brilliant novel that captures the experiences and thoughts of a young soldier during Vietnam. His book does not merely focus on battles but instead, it digs into the raw moments of a soldiers existence. At the same time, he presents and grapples with the question, what is story truth? In order to enhance your understanding of O'Brien writing style, which incorporates the post-modern techniques of temporal distortion, metafiction, stream of consciousness and fragmentation, watch the following video as Tim O'Brien talks about story truth and many of the characters in his novel. Start at 40 minutes to check out his thoughts about story truth and then from 58- 104 to hear him discuss Maryann, an important character in his book.

Video Credit - Arlington Central Library (Tim O'Brien)

Watch The Great Gatsby YouTube video  - listen closing to the lyrics. What is he saying about Gatsby? Video credit to Will Thwaite

Watch the Tim O'Brien interview on writing and on his novel, The Things They Carried. What does he say about writing and TRUTH?  Tim O'Brien Interview

Here's a link to a Time Magazine interview with Sherman Alexie on his writing. Sherman Alexie Interview

Resource for The Namesake and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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