"In John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice & Men, George makes a surprising and controversial decision to kill his best friend, Lennie, at the end of the novella. Some readers may think that George had no other choice to kill Lennie. George may have had Lennie’s best interest in mind, saving him a painful death, jail, or a continued path of destruction. On the other hand, some readers may feel that George made a rash decision to murder his friend to selfishly protect himself or to finally rid himself of the burden of Lennie. Decide and blog about whether or not you feel George’s decision to kill his friend was justified" (

As you develop your blog response, please take into consideration our debate yesterday and the Dr. Kevorkian article that we read in class. Use your understanding and examples from the novel as well as from the article to support your position on the issue. Your response must be at least one full paragraph that includes a topic sentence, evidence, an explanation, and a concluding sentence. You may add a picture to your post, however please make sure you give credit to the source. 
Photo credit - MGM Studios

Dorothea Lange and the Dust Bowl. 

Now that you have found, viewed, and posted some of Dorothea Lange's famous pictures of the 1930's Dust Bowl, please take a few minutes and watch the following video. The video focuses on Lange's most famous subject and most popular picture. After you watch the video, please craft a post on your own blog that answers the following prompt. Be prepared to watch the clip more than once so that you may use examples and details from the video.

Prompt - Why did Lange photograph the migrants? What was her motivation and what did she hope to accomplish? Was it for enjoyment or for the sake of creating art? Or was there something more? What do you see on the face of the mother in the video? Examine her expression closely, what words and emotions are evoked? Be specific, use examples, and edit your post for clarity. In other words, make sure you re-read your post so that it makes sense and you are using detailed examples.

Compare the play, The Boys Next Door with the movie Rain Man. Some points of comparison include: situation, conflict, theme, characterization, resolution, etc.  In what ways are they similar and what ways are they different?

Now - with a partner choose and explain how they are similar or how they are different and in a well crafted blog post. Include details and examples from both the play and the movie, while making sure that you edit for PUNCTUATION, CAPITALIZATION, AND SPELLING. Reread your post; does it make SENSE? Are the sentences clear and grammatically correct? Show me your brilliance!

Word of the week - Clandestine - Click on the link below to practice using the word.

Padlet - Clandestine

Here is Sherman Alexie  in a very powerful interview with Bill Moyers. What does he say about writing, the internet and the stereotype of the alcoholic "Indian"?

What purpose do cartoons like these serve?

Stereotypes and Mascots
Blogging Instructions:
1. Watch the video below.
2. Choose one of the three questions. Respond to the question on your own blog by copying and pasting the question and then typing a paragraph response as a blog post and in your Google Doc.
a. Why might ethnic groups take offense to sports mascots that result in caricatures of certain ethnic groups? (look up chief wahoo and sambo). Why might ethnic groups take offense?
b. Should schools ban the use of mascots that could be deemed racially insensitive?
c. Do mascots need to be modernized for today’s society?

3. Then, comment on your assigned partner's response.

Sherman Alexie portrays a very unpredictable lifestyle on the Spokane Reservation in his short story, “Every Little Hurricane.” While there are many conflicts between the guests at the New Year’s party, throughout the story, author Sherman Alexie highlights a greater conflict between Indians and society. 

Looking back through the story, find evidence of this conflict. How has society, or our government contributed to the conflict that has plagued the Native Americans for years? Use details from the story to support your response as a post on your own blog.

 Freshmen, welcome to my blog. Over the course of the year, you will often be asked to go to my blog for information and assignments. You may be directed to the Freshmen page or to check out and respond to a post on the HOME page or even to search for an item on my resource page.

We will be reading many articles that connect to the themes that we are discussing in class. And as we try to decipher an article's focus or deeper meaning, we will be using TEXT CODES and WHAT IF questions to assist us in reaching that goal.

Here is an example. After watching the following news broadcast, consider the following what if question.

What if every time employees and/or customers were dissatisfied with the management of a large store or corporation, they took matters into their own hands?

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