Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth Research Assignment

Today, I would like you to choose one of the following sources as a starting point for your research on the Hitler Youth.

1. Based on your own childhood experiences and what you have learned about the children of the 1930s, how would you now describe to someone unfamiliar with the topic the childhoods of Hitler Youth compared to your own?
2. What types of conflicts may have existed between parents and the children of Hitler Youth?
3. During the time of Hitler’s reign, how might it have been especially difficult to have been a parent?
4. How was propaganda particularly influential and dangerous in the minds of children from 1933-1939 compared to how it might have been perceived by adults?

After you've completed your research, choose one of the following questions. Answer the question you've chosen in a well-developed paragraph that begins with a strong thesis statement, includes ample supporting details, and ends with a strong concluding sentence.