Monday, December 14, 2015

Grudges and Feuds - Who is Right and Who is Wrong?

After reading, annotating, and discussing one of the two articles regarding grudges and feuds, write a one paragraph blog post that answers one of the two following questions. Be sure to:

1. Answer the question
2. Use and cite a piece of evidence from the text
3. Ensure you use the proper paragraph structure
4. You edit your work.

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Question 1 -

In the Jackson Family article, what is the feud over and how do you think it should be resolved?

Question 2 -

Do you agree with what the author of this article is saying about grudges? Should we always forgive or is it sometimes ok to hold on to a grudge?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feed's Use of Language

In connection with the mini language research assignment we are completing in class, what do you think about Anderson’s writing style and use of language within this novel—"his futurespeak vocabulary—his ad/jingle story interruptions" and his stream of consciousness narrative? Did your opinion about his style change? Be specific about what works and what doesn't using examples from the text. Post your answer on your blog in a well developed response that includes a unique title.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Evolution of the Word Cool

Click on the link below for an example infographic that shows some of the ways the word cool has evolved. Based on the definitions, what cultural factors might have contributed to the evolution?

Cool - An Evolution Link

(Photo Credit) -

Syko Beats

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Said No Teenager Ever Blog Response

Comment on something positive you see on each team's use of satire in their video.

In your praise, make sure you discuss how they achieved success. What specific details contribute the satirical message or impact?

- Verbal
- Location
- Facial expressions
- Soundtrack
- Body language

Overall, what message would a viewer take away from this set of videos about what it means to be a teenager?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Zusak interview: pure beauty and pure destruction

Zusak interview: pure beauty and pure destruction

Wednesday, 4/29
In the interview, Zusak describes a moment of pure beauty and pure destruction when he retells the story told to him by his mother. It involves an old man walking in the crowd down the street; a boy attempts to show kindness to the man by giving him a piece of bread and the soldier shows cruelty by punishing both the boy and the old man. Zusak juxtaposes these dichotomous moments throughout the novel when he creates two opposites of emotion, setting, characterization, etc. Find a similar moment from the reading that was assigned for today or yesterday (205-281) that illustrates such a pairing. Include quotes from the text to illustrate the moment you are examining. Describe
what is happening in the text. And then explain why Zusak might have created such a dichotomy. 10 points

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth Research Assignment

Today, I would like you to choose one of the following sources as a starting point for your research on the Hitler Youth.

1. Based on your own childhood experiences and what you have learned about the children of the 1930s, how would you now describe to someone unfamiliar with the topic the childhoods of Hitler Youth compared to your own?
2. What types of conflicts may have existed between parents and the children of Hitler Youth?
3. During the time of Hitler’s reign, how might it have been especially difficult to have been a parent?
4. How was propaganda particularly influential and dangerous in the minds of children from 1933-1939 compared to how it might have been perceived by adults?

After you've completed your research, choose one of the following questions. Answer the question you've chosen in a well-developed paragraph that begins with a strong thesis statement, includes ample supporting details, and ends with a strong concluding sentence.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mental Illness

Blogging Assignment:

  1. Watch the Parenthood montage:
  2. Then, provide three insights about individuals who live with Asperger’s based on the glimpses of Max you saw through the collection of episode clips.
  3. Watch the As Good As It Gets trailer:
  4. How are young people living with mental illness treated compared to adults with mental illness based on the video clips and/or your own observations?
  5. Go back and re-read your responses. Make sure at least two of your sentences contain a properly used semi-colon.