Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Satire and the Simpsons

As we discovered yesterday, it didn't take long before we noticed a number of situations and topics being satirized right in the opening sequence of "The Simpsons". Many of you made note of the way the writers were criticizing the American lifestyle, the treatment of the environment, the average employee's work ethic and the recklessness of drivers (among many other things).

Now your task is to reflect on the episode that we watched yesterday, as well as on your notes, and construct your own blog post about the use of satire, its purpose and the different criticism that was being made. Be specific, explain it in detail while referencing the show. Also note if the satire is effective. Remember satire doesn't merely criticize, it hopes to affect change. Do you agree with the criticism and will it affect change? To get full credit on this assignment, you must address all aspects above.

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