Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Journalism Students - It's Pulitzer Prize Time -

Take a look at this year's Pulitzer Prize winners by clicking on the links below. Who won in the different journalism categories? Which one was the most interesting, controversial, worthy and why? Share your response by commenting below this post.

Joseph Pulitzer - Yellow Journalist to Man of Integrity

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Symbolism and Motif

Yesterday, we discussed the use of symbolism within the novel, The Great Gatsby. Because we know that  symbols often lead to motifs that help to uncover a theme within a novel, it is helpful to experiment with this idea in order to help your understanding when reading The Great Gatsby.  
Try  this - what ideas, emotions or thoughts come to mind when you think of the following? 
  • flowers
  • lightening bolt
  • knife
  • spider's web
  • clock
Which object might signify deceit? Danger? Brainstorm other ideas with a peer near you and be prepared to share them.

Now - click on the following link.