Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Where in the World was Alexander Supertramp?

Into the Wild

Lake Mead

One of places that Alex passed through on his epic journey was Lake Mead. He not only passed through there, but that is where he abandoned his beloved yellow Datsun. Lake Mead is located in Nevada, not far from the boarders of Arizona and Utah. The picture below is actually a picture of the Davis Dam that is part of the Lake Mead Recreation Area.

Below is a panoramic view of the Northshore Summit of the Lake Mead Recreational Area. Chris arrived there on July 6, 1990 and ignored signs that prohibited him from driving in certain areas. This would have been so like him to thumb his nose at the the rules and society! McCandless was actually caught in a flash flood while camping. Krakauer questions, "Why had he ignored posted regulations and driven down the wash in the first place?" (28). On top of that, his registration had experienced two years earlier! This is quite fitting.

Northshore Summit. Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Nevada. USA in Nevada

Fun Fact: Lake Mead is actually an artificial resorvior  - in fact, one of the largest on record. It feeds parts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah and recently went through one of the worst droughts in 60 years (National Geographic).

Picture source: National Geographic

"Recreation, although a by-product of Hoover Dam's reservoir, constitutes a major use of Lake Mead and the lands surrounding it.
Lake Mead is one of America's most popular recreation areas, with a 12-month season that attracts more than 9 million visitors each year for swimming, boating, skiing, fishing and other outdoor pursuits.
The lake and surrounding area are administered by the National Park Service as part of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the nation's first national recreation area, which also includes Lake Mohave downstream from Hoover Dam." Source - US Dept of Interior