Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Realism and Naturalism

Juniors - As a way to reinforce our discussion of Realism today, please read, watch, and respond to the following thoughts and video that I have included below.

 I told you that in order to differentiate between many of the literary time periods, it is important to understand the motivation, the mindset, and the time period of the author. In class I shared an analogy that was shared with me a few years back that went something like this:

If we examined a spider in terms of how authors would write about the creature during different literary time periods, the spider would be revealed in many different ways. The Romantics would look at the spider and see its beauty, appreciate its connection with nature and write an imaginative poem about it. The Realists would pick up the spider and study it, smell it, watch it crawl and write a story that delivers the facts that are revealed through the senses in a straight forward way. The Naturalist would pick up the spider, hold it between its fingers, under the hot sun, watch it squirm and write about the effects the environment had on the spider. The Modernist would see the spider and step on it.

With this in mind, please watch the following video and consider my presentation, our discussion, and  the story that we read yesterday, "Coup de Gras" by Ambose Bierce. In a comment below, explain how this story is a good example of Realism.