Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Namesake - Let's wrap it up

On a separate piece of paper respond to the following questions using supporting details from the story.

  1. As she packs her belongings, Ashima thinks about the years spent in the house on Pemberton Road: "And though she still does not feel fully at home within these walls on Pemberton Road she knows that this is home nevertheless – the world for which she is responsible, which she has created, which is everywhere around her, needing to be packed up, given away, thrown out bit by bit" (280). Who is Ashima now? How has she changed, what does she realize about herself? What do we come to realize through her POV?
  2. In the last chapter of The Namesake, Gogol sits in his bedroom and contemplates his life. What epiphany does he have? How does Lahiri convey identity and what do we notice about the structure of Lahiri's novel? What is Gogol's state of mind at the end of the book and what will become of him?
Questions adapted from Hostos Community College

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